Iphone is so yesterday…..I want a MyPhone

So Iphone is all the rage now and if you don’t have one you’re not cool….right? Well, not exactly. You see there is this whole movement out there that believes your phone should be YOURS, not Apples, not MS’s, not anyone elses. I believe Nokia is getting there with the N800, but they are not quite there (ie: N800 is not really a phone). Well fear not, the people at Openmoko are taking that challenge on. A totally opensource GSM 2.5G world phone. You buy it and it’s yours to do with whatever you wish. It runs linux, but since even the processor is pretty much open, you can write your own OS for it (ok, so maybe that’s a bit far fetched). The standard phone and dev kit costs $300, or you can buy the hacker pack (includes a debug board, second battery, case) for $450. No contract, no limits, no locks. I just can’t figure out the Matrix reference (Neo) and it’s relation to 1973 (was that a good year?)…..

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  1. Hey Brad,

    Yep, It works and you can get it in Canada (CC purchase though). 300 bucks for the regular developer version or 450 for the hacker version. Then you grab a elcheapo Fido or Rogers account and use the SIM card in this phone.

  2. I will never get one of these. I’m 21, and I feel too old for it. But ofcourse, I don’t have a job.

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