Changing windows minimize effects…

There are actually a few tricks you may do with minimizing windows in OS X. In system preferences you can select either ‘genie’ or ’scale’ effect. But there is another one, called ’suck’. This one can’t be enabled via system preferences, but it can be via the terminal.

So open your terminal and type the following line:

defaults write mineffect suck

Now close the terminal, log out and log back in, and voila – your windows … errr… well … ’suck’.

To return to ‘genie’ or ’scale’ simply go to the system preferences and select either, it will instantly change to the selected one.

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2 responses to “Changing windows minimize effects…”

  1. what about in Windows Vista, can you change windows minimize effects there?

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I don't know….I don't run Windows….sorry.


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