Coraline takes fabbing to the next step…..

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CG Society has a great detailed article on the tech that went into creating the new 3D animated movie, Coraline . For those of you who don't know fabbing -- the technique used in creating the characters for this movie -- is the process of 3D printing . The article explains the use of 3D scanning and printing in the new Neal Gaiman/Henry Selick movie about a little girl who finds a secret door to an “Other World”.From the article:The first stop motion filmed in stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) during production, Selick wanted to tackle an even bigger accomplishment: creating a true stop motion film with the smooth facial transitions of CG animation in a hands-on medium.The answer to this quest was to use replacement animation, where one stop motion puppet face is…
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Stop…Go…Stop…Go…The art of Stop Motion

ifilm, lego, stop motion
I've always liked the concept of Stop Motion Animation and with the recent surge of stop motion animation chatter at work, I've been looking into some of the software and sites that do this stuff. One of the community sites that I've come across that I think by far is the most creative is These guys have married two of my favourite things together....Lego and Stop Motion Animation. Have a look at some of their staff picks, some of these guys are amazing. Another very cool site that has a stop motion section under it's animation category is Have a look at this example (maybe offensive to some, you've been warned).
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