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  • CLI commands that let you access meta data of all files in OSX

    Two small commands with huge possibilities: mdls¬† usage: mdls [-name attr] [-raw [-nullMarker markerString]] [-plist file] pathlist the values of one or all the attributes of the specified file -raw: don’t print attribute names before values -nullMarker: substitute this string for null attributes in raw mode -plist: output attributes in XML format to file. Use […]

  • How to turn Spotlight OFF (and ON Again)….Leopard Solution

    A number of people mentioned that the previous tip on how to turn spotlight on/off does not work with Leopard. Now that I’ve had a bit of time, I’ve confirmed this and found a way around it (it’s even easier in Leopard). Here are the details specifically for OSX 10.5+ (Leopard). To turn off Spotlight […]

  • How to turn Spotlight OFF (and ON Again)….

    UPDATE: Please see this article if you use Leopard (OSX 10.5+). The procedure below, although not damaging, works for 10.4 and below (Tiger). Thanks to Anonymous for pointing this out. Got a new Macbook thru work today and after Firewire targeting my profile over from my personal MBP, I started looking around the blog for […]