How to get Axis 207W Camera to work with Quicktime Streaming Server or Darwin Streaming Server

axis 207w, Darwin Streaming Server, OSX, osx Server, QTSS
I have to admit I have not touched DSS in a while, but the instructions below are generic enough that you should be able to alter it for your Darwin Streaming Server. For the purpose of this exercise I assume your Axis camera is setup for mpeg4 video and aac audio. I also further assume that you have a reachable IP address on the camera and know how to login to the web interface. First thing we want to do is make sure you have the uptodate firmware. As of this writing the newest firmware is 4.40.1. So make sure you have atleast that version as well.1) We need to login and change the RTSP daemon's timeout value. If we don't do this the server will stop sending packets out…
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Streaming Quicktime from Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

Darwin Streaming Server, N800, Nokia, QTSS
Let me start by saying that I found the recipe for this on Josh Lifton's website. So most of the credit really goes to him. I've just simplified (and expanded) his method to cover generic quicktime streaming.So basically what we want to do is to connect the N800 to a network, setup a quicktime server (or darwin streaming server for people who don't have access to OSX server) and get the N800 to create a H.263 stream (audio and video) and send it to our server. Sounds easy right?Here are the bits you need:N800 Internet tabletMac (or PC) with Quicktime 7 (or higher) installedA server box running OSX server (can be the same machine as above) or a PC running Darwin Streaming server.Recipe for N800Assuming you have the N800 powered…
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