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  • Disk for Iphone….Turn your IPhone (IpodTouch) into a portable HD.

    MacFUSE project has grown a lot since we last covered it here and here. MacFuse 2.0 is here and it’s looking really nice. MacFUSE is the mac implementation of FUSE (File-system in USEr space) filesystem originally developed for Linux. For those of you who’ve not heard of this gem before, MacFUSE allows you to extend […]

  • ItunesFS….MacFUSE rocks!!!

    Okay so hot on the heels of my MacFUSE install, I find iTunesFS which is a FUSE module for iTunes written by Marcus Müller…..YUMMY :-). Now it’s a read-only module (ie: it lets you take stuff out of itunes/ipod/iphone storage, but most of the time that’s all you want to do anyways. If you want […]

  • MacFUSE….ready for primetime?

    I think so, you see I’ve been waiting for about a year — since last years Mac World announcement — to try MacFUSE, but to be honest I’ve been a bit of a chicken. In my book you rarely, if ever, play around with the filesystem. Specially with ported beta code and all the “uncertainties” […]