IRadio = Raspberry Pi + Adafruit PiTFT (with buttons) + MPD + NCMPCPP + Bluetooth BeatsPill Speaker + Custom Frame Buffer Pygame code

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So over christmas holidays I spent about 5 days to perfect my raspberry pi based internet radio player. You’ll need the following hardware: Raspberry Pi model B USB Wifi dongle (something that works with Raspbian would be nice). I got this one ( from Adafruit. SD card (I’m using a 16GB card, but I think 8GB should be good to start with) Bluetooth 4.0 dongle. I’m using this one from ASUS ( that seems to work fine in Linux/Raspbian PiTFT resistive touch screen assembled from Adafruit ( Pack of 20 tactile buttons from Adafruit ( for the above screen (You need to solder these in…..very simple) Appropriate power USB power supply. Again I’m using the one from Adafruit ( Standard A to micro-B USB cable ( (optional) PiTFT Enclosure from…
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Things you need to know before buying an LCD monitor…..

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Research, research, research.....and then some more research. (most) LCD manufacturers are trying to cut costs down so you need to know what you're paying for before you walk into the store. So here are a bunch of good sites to go to in order to find the relevant information: Jeff Atwood's great little introduction of the basics. If you want to pickup the terms/ideas quickly read this. Nice summary table (also on Jeff's site) of all the LCD technologies and their advantages. Table of laptop LCD part numbers (by size and manufacturer part number). Yeah this is where you find out that Apple chimped you by selling you a 6-bit philips panel as "Professional". More on this below. Table of desktop LCD part numbers (by size and manufacturer part number).…
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