Go to Disney World for Free…..

Google, Google Maps
Is google ever going to stop doing cool stuff? Can you imagine doing this type of thing for a living? Well, like it or not, the next time you decide to dive down the rabbit hole, you can turn to your computer and GE instead. Yep, Disney's wonderland has been ported to google earth. Just load up GE and type disney world in the search field and make sure 3D Buildings are turned on and enjoy. Thanks big G, now I can scratch DW from my list of must visit sites :-).
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Flickr, Google, Google Maps, mashup, Twitter
If you're a twitter nut -- not that there is anything wrong with that -- or are just plain bored, head over to Twittervision, a real-time geographic visualization of posts to Twitter. It's all thanks to google's open API (thanks guys/gals......you ROCK!!!). It's kinda cool to have it opened -- specially in 3D mode -- on a large panel. Kinda makes you feel like the "Big Guy Upstairs", listening to peoples "prayers". Also check out flickrvision, which does for flickr what twittervision does for twitter.....I like it better.
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Google Maps route tweaking….

Ajax, Google, Google Maps
Did you ever use google maps to get direction from point A to B, only to have to give up and do some manual adjustments, because you wanted to make a pit stop at location C? Did you ever want to get google maps (or any other mapping program for that matter) to take you through a different route, because you knew for a fact that some road along your route was under construction? Well I have and usually I end up having to pick a arbitary point somewhere to force the mapping engine to take a certain street/highway that I want.Well those crafty engineers at google have solved the problem for all of us. You can now input your source and destination and if you don't like the route,…
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Robots.txt 2.0

Google, Google Maps, robots.txt, Streets View
Since the introduction of google maps streets view two days ago, people are going crazy in trying to zoom in and find hidden gems in those captured images. If you don't know about this click on the link above and you'll see what I'm talking about, or you can just go to maps.google.com and zoom down to street level in either NYC or San Francisco and push the new Street View button (top right corner of the map). Really cool and well--atleast according to some on the net--Scary!!! So the question is:Do we need someway of telling the google van that we don't want to be in their photographs? Judge for yourselves....
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