Creating OSX and Windows compatible Dropbox Functionality in Windows Server 2008 R2 with Dell FS7500 NAS backend.

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This took a while to figure out, mainly because I'm a unix guy trying to "figure out" Windows Server and it's archaic ACL system and the fact that ACL's/attributes under OSX are just insane. The main issue I had with all the other recipes on the net describing this process was that it did NOT work for OSX/Finder. When users transferred the files, Finder was not able to strip off it's "in-use" attribute from the file once copied to the destination. This would leave files in limbo (greyed out) and no one could touch/access them from another Mac until I stripped the "in-use" attribute off manually. Normally SMB capable NAS's ignore Finder/OSX attributes and this does not happen, but FS7500 is "mac friendly" and preserves the attributes so we had…
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Setting NTP time server on Dell FS7500 through command line

SSH to the Group Interface IP (10.100 in our case) Login as "fse" Password "" At the CLI prompt check the current cluster time using system time-configuration view If the time is wrong reset it (This will turn off NTP sync) using system time-configuration -updatetime "DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS" Use the view command to check it again. If you need to set the NTP time use your DC's NTP functionality on the client network and set it using system time-configuration set-ntpserver That's it for now.......
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