Category: ascii

  • Tiny ASCII animations in your browser’s address bar

    Extremely cool ascii animations in your URL bar. Works in Firefox and Chrome. Doesn’t work in Safari. Check out the Volumeter (listen) and the shooter game (pewpew). Use cursor keys and space bar in pewpew.

  • What Internet search would have looked like when IBM System 360 ruled the world

    Google60 is Norbert Landsteiner’s art piece that tries to convey what search would have looked like back in the 60’s — when IBM System 360 monsters ruled the machine rooms. An absolute gem for all the 360 nerds left out there.

  • ASCII Art for all your needs :-)…..

    Yep, a whole archive of ASCII Art, brought to you by Christopher A. Johnson……Ahhh, just like heaven…. ..uu. ?$””`?i z’ `M .@” x” ‘Z :#” . . f 8M ‘&H?` :$f U8 < MP x#' d#` XM $5. $ M' xM" .!"> @ ‘f`$L:M R.@!` +` > R X “NXF R”*L k ‘f M “$$ […]

  • ASCII Art at it’s finest…..

    Not sure if this has already been mentioned somewhere…..It’s pretty old, but I happen to come across it today. It’s a great rendition of everyone’s favorite space opera done by Simon Jansen in ASCII. Telenetification (is that even a word?) by Snore, with improvements by Mike Edwards. Anyways, use the following command, sit back and […]