Best 12 minutes you’ll spend in January……

Art, Photography
The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.Check out Alex Roman's "The Third & The Seventh" video. Absolutely amazing and right up there with some of the best produced pieces of art I've seen on the net. The amazing part is that except some small compositing elements, the rest of the movie is ALL 3D. Watch it in full screen for the full effect (and turn up your sound to 11) :-).
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Got 20 minutes……you need to watch this.

Here is a 20 minute video of a fantastic (stunning, mind blowing, awesome, whatever....) projection mapping performance put on during the Ingravid Festival in Figueres, Spain.Telenoika Audiovisual Mapping @ Ingravid Festival, Figueres 9/2009 [FULL] from Telenoika on Vimeo.// catalàMapeig audiovisual de l'Associació Cultural Telenoika a la façana del Teatre Jardí, en la primera edició del festival Ingravid de Figueres. 20 min.// englishAudiovisual Mapping made by the Telenoika Cultural Association into the Jardí Theater facade, on the first edition of Ingravid Festival in Figueres. 20 min.Crèdits / Credits : Omar Àlvarez, Miki Arregui, Miguel Gozalbo, Kasero, Eloi Maduell, Santi Vilanova :: from Telenoika.NET -2009-Agraiments / Thanks to : Assoc.Cultural TelenoikaMas QuelóFestival IngràvidLABfàbrica.NETBAF General de CatalunyaContact ?[Warping and video-player software developped by Eloi Maduell from with libs. Software will…
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Nuit Blanche: Multitorch

Art, image recognition, multitouch, Nuit Blanche, Research
Toronto Nuit Blanche was a blast. For those of you who don't know:Nuit Blanche (literally White Night or All-Nighter in French) is an annual all-night arts festival. Its exact beginning is disputed between Paris, St Petersburg, and Berlin, but, taking elements from all of these, the idea of a night-time festival of the arts has spread around the world since 1997, taking hold from Montreal to Madrid and Lima to Leeds. A Nuit Blanche will typically have museums, private and public art galleries, and other cultural institutions open and free of charge, with the centre of the city itself being turned into a de facto art gallery, providing space for art installations, performances (music, film, dance, performance art), themed social gatherings, and other activities.This year the local Toronto Artist and…
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Another mind blowing art installation……

Arduino, Art, Physical Computing, processing, Technology, wiimote
So what happens when an artist combines a 3D gaming engine, the power of blender and processing and a dash of human powered mechanical abomination? :-) Bince McKelvie describes his project:Lb to Sf via bike is an interactive installation/game that documents a bike trip my friend and I took from long beach to san francisco. The user rides a stationary bike through a the 3d world by pedaling forward and steering with the bike handle bars. The world consists of three mini games and a huge chunk of the california coast. I am going to be releasing a version that is playable on a computer without the hardware soon. It is made with the blender game engine, a bit of processing, a wii controller and the makingthings to sf…
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Touchless, Gestrual Interface, Powered by Electrostatics

Art, Disruptive Technology, Electronics, Physical Computing, Video, wiimote, Youtube
Great video showing a bizarre and novel way of creating a gesture based interface. You literally touch nothing....Air.....and the interface does the rest. Pretty interesting project. According to Justin Schunick of the team at Northeastern University, the interface uses an array of copper electrodes to sense a certain change in the electric field created by the device. The black material covering the electrodes shows how the interface can be hidden beneath surfaces to create a completely invisible interface. It is simple black felt you can buy at any fabric store. The total cost of this prototype was around $60.00 USD.They created custom software to communicate with the microcontroller running the show with C++. This enables the use of the device as a new type of XYZ computer mouse. Think nintendo…
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Nuit Blanche 2008….Toronto celebrates the Arts/Artists.

Art, Flickr, Nuit Blanche, Photography, Toronto
Once again Toronto celebrated Nuit Blanche this past weekend (October 04-05). I did not go to last years event, but had attended the very first one (best one thus far IMHO) in 2006. Although the event this year went without a hitch, there were a lot of intoxicated people on the streets and the whole atmosphere was different than first year. From what I understand, news sources are reporting 1,000,000 people. I don't know about you, but that was seriously pushing the capacities of some of the events/venues.I went downtown around 8:00 PM with Camera and tripod in tow and after seeing the see of people at dundas square decided to get a coffee from the nearby Tim Hortons and chill in my office at Ryerson -- just next door.…
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