HTML5 according to Apple….

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Well, you all know I'm a proponent of HTML5. I think the standards are now mature enough that we can (should/will) give up on proprietary plugins/kluges. To that end -- and I think for a demo at WWDC'10 -- apple has just released a page showcasing what HTML5 can do. Have a look at it and I think you'd agree that flashs' days are numbered. I specially like the "smooth as butter" scaling on the video player. Also, as usual apple shows you step-by-step how to do all that stuff on your own. Nice :-). BTW, safari web browser is required to view these.From Daring Fireball: Update: If you go to instead of, you can use Chrome to try the demos. Some work, but the 3D ones don’t.…
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Photoshop Express hits the streets…..

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Well the long awaited photoshop express has finally been released. For those of you who don't know, adobe is finally joining the horde of online photo editing sites, with their own flash creation. Now we're not talking full blown photoshop CS3 here (not even photoshop 3.0). There are no levels/curves/16-bit/layers/masks or any of the other advanced functions, but for a web application I think it's great. It even allows you to suck your images across from Facebook, Photobucket and Picasa. So hop on over to photoshop express's website and sign up for a free account. You will need flash for this (Note: I could not get it to work with flock browser under OSX, but Safari worked flowless).
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Adobe’s Sharp Shooter…..

adobe, Photography
No more blurry shots. That's what Adobe wants you to drool over while they perfect their Light-Field Camera. Standard cameras allow light to travel through a single tunnel/lens and project it onto the film plane/capture device. Light-Field Cameras do the same, except they use 19 lenses to capture the scene and record it onto 19 shots that capture different focus distances. This frees the photographer to -- in their digital darkroom -- develop the picture and focus selectively using a "focus brush", allowing them to bring details from both forground and background into focus. More detail here.
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