• iPhone Hipstamatic/Lo-Mob samples…..

  • nerdlogger stumbls into tumblr….

    I’ve been hanging around for the last couple of days and I’m quite impressed. My buddy brad — — would love this. He — and a lot of others — use and to keep track of stories they want to either read or blog and socialize. Well that plus a lot […]

  • Holidays, and I’m back in the Studio…..

    We’re having a extended long weekend, and I was working on my new photography site — — when the studio bug bit me :-). Yeah everything was happy, I was customizing my new tumblr based photography site, when a couple of ideas started running through my head. Cassette Tapes, you know those magnetic beasts […]

  • is here….

    Well I finally broke down and did it. My new Photography site can be found hosted on tumblr at I’m using a modified museum theme by Paul Giacherio.The nice thing about having the site on tumblr is that I can host the physical photos on yahoo’s and just link them into‘s pages. […]