Author: Many Ayromlou

  • Proxmox VPS for web development recipe….

    A little while ago our web developer asked me to look into proxmox containers and how we could take advantage of it to setup a development environment for him. The idea was to use the power of linux containers and enable him to develop fully functional/accessible sites in a private container. Here are the steps […]

  • Proving the Network is Not the Problem With iperf – Packet Life

    Proving the Network is Not the Problem With iperf – Packet Life: “When an application fails to perform as expected, the network is often the first thing blamed. I suppose this is because end users typically view the network as the sole limiting factor with regard to throughput, unaware of the intricacies of application, database, […]

  • Manipulating the Clipboard from the Command Line

    Manipulating the Clipboard from the Command Line: “Copy and Paste are absolute necessities for virtually all computer users, and if you find yourself working in the command line frequently, you’ll want to know how to manipulate the clipboard. The commands pbcopy and pbpaste do exactly what they sound like, copy and paste through the command […]

  • Notes on getting the most out of Screenly OSE for Raspberry Pi

    For those that are not familiar, Screenly is a Digital Signage System for the Pi. There is a open source edition of it (OSE) that you can just download and install on your own SD card. I’ve been messing around with it for the past few days and it’s surprisingly simple and powerful. Below are […]

  • Streaming 1080P video using Raspberry Pi (or BeagleBone Black)

    I’ve finally got this project to a point were I can do a write up on it. The following hardware is needed: Raspberry Pi 512K version (or BeagleBone Black) Logitech C920 Webcam 16 GB micro SDHC card (can probably do it on 8GB too) Wireless dongle supported by linux (I’m using a TrendNet TEW-645UB which […]

  • Installing Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate (Maya) 2014 for OSX from command line

    After battling this for about a week I think I’ve got it figured out. You can install all the required packages and get everything to talk to your license server from command line. BTW, before I start, you need to have a functional license server otherwise you can stop reading now. I’m gonna use […]

  • Le Mystère du printemps

    Le Mystère du printemps, a set on Flickr.

  • TSG Sports Bike Shoot

    I know this is almost a year old, but I just noticed that it was not posted.

  • Model Shoot with Toronto Camera Club

    Recently shot with a bunch of people from Toronto Camera Club at their location. It was a great shoot, great models and MUA’s and a bunch of fun photographers. Just finished the sets and uploaded them to flickr. Here is a quick slideshow:

  • NAB2013 Recap….

    DAY 1 (South Hall Upper Floor): Capella: Carina 1 frame latency DMA (Direct Memory Access) Camera and Video processing card Cambria Live Series software NTT Electronics: Realtime H.264/AVC HD codec with 60p and 33 msec latency AVC/H.264 Codec for Contribution and Distribution with 1 frame latency and 16ch/8 PES audio Ultra Low Latency H.264 software […]