Synology DSM3.2 and older rsync implementations….

Got my hands on a new Synology 1511+ a few days ago and discovered something odd. Where as before on the QNAP TS-409 Pro I could easily turn on the rsync server and start syncing files/folders off my OSX machine, the process did not work with the new Synology NAS running DSM3.2. I kept getting the error “@ERROR: auth failed on module NetBackup”. It turns out DSM3.2 is now using encrypted passwords for the root/admin account and this encryption breaks the older rsync version on the mac. The easiest way I found to fix this — and YES I realize that this “potentially” reveals the root/admin password if your NAS is wide open to the world, mine is at home behind a NAT and I made sure the rsync password is different from my admin password — is to edit the /etc/rsyncd.secrets file (back it up first by copying it to rsyncd.secrets.old or something). Delete everything after “root:” and instead of it, put — in clear text — the password you want to use for rsync purposes (which can be the same as your admin password). Save the file and try rsyncing again. It should work now.

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