Tubeify…..It’s Time Machine for your cloud music

More and more people use youtube now-a-days to get access to instant music. Be it at parties, in the office or on mobile platforms. The hard part is the constant searches you have to do. You want to listen to some 80’s tunes. How do you go about creating a playlist……do you even remember the name of those one hit wonders. Well, worry not, Tubeify is here. Tubeify is a new mashup of, Billboard and YouTube.

The site allows users to search for, discover, play and queue video clips in any web browser. The advanced search capabilities and outstanding usability makes it without a doubt one of the best YouTube jukeboxes around. One of the true gems is the Billboard “timetravel” feature, allowing users to pull up the Billboard chart for any week since 1964 and listen to the tracks that were leading the charts then. You can grab the top100 songs of any week from Billboard and tubeify will create a nice playlist for you using videos from youtube. Hop over to, sign up for a invite (don’t worry it shows up instantly — atleast for now), and start rocking to your favourite tunes from the past 45 years. How long before some label or other company shuts this down? No idea, but enjoy it now.

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