Screen resolution fix for Ubuntu 10.10 running in Parallels Desktop 6.0

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If you try to install Ubuntu 10.10 under parallels desktop 6.0 on OSX -- atleast as of the writing of this article -- you'll soon discover that although your entire installation is done in a high (eg: 1920x1080) resolution, as soon as the install is done and you reboot, your VM is stuck at 1024x768. You can install the parallel tools using the menu option and it still won't help -- although it helps with 3D (ie: compiz). Under Gnomes System/Preferences/Monitors the highest resolution available is 1024x768 :-(. After searching around the net for the past week or so and trying just about every remedy -- which did not work -- I was about to give up, then I found the magic command that "makes it go" :-). I've now…
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Fixing Plymouth (boot splash) in Ubuntu 10.10 aka. Maverick Meerkat

Linux, Tutorial, Ubuntu
If you've recently installed Ubuntu 10.10 and have installed Nvidia and/or ATI drivers -- or installed ubuntu under emulation -- you'll end up with a (butt) ugly splash screen. In my case under parallel 6.0 I ended up with a text boot screen that just read "Ubuntu 10.10"......Ughhh. Here is a quick tutorial on how to get a nice splash restored. This procedure also works in 10.04. Keep in mind that I'm doing everything with 1280x1024 screen size. your mileage might vary (ie: you might want 1024x768). You'll need to get a terminal session opened for this: Get the nice splash screen installed sudo apt-get install v86d Edit your grub config file and add the following sudo vi /etc/default/grub Look for this line: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" and replace it with this…
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