Back to Pics……

Wow I just realized I hadn’t posted any of my recent photos. I think the last set was from my trip to Portland. Anyways, I guess this will be a combo post. I’ve been busy shooting people for a bit before the holidays (Toronto Strobist Group and a private shoot) and while that was fun, I also gave food a try recently. I have to admit Food Photography looks easy (light from the back, blah, blah, blah), but it’s damn hard to get a good shot. Getting the food to do what’s in your head is another mammoth task, all hail the Food Stylists, they are (potentially) more important than the photographer. Last but not least, was my night out with the Toronto Photographic meetup group. More than a hundred photographers decended on Markham Theater for Performing Arts to photograph Ballet Jörgen Canada’s dress rehearsal for Cindrella.

As always the full photosets are here, here, here and here :-).

Jeremy - 01
Victoria - 01
Lynn and Tonya - 01
Stacey - 02
Meghan - 03
Stacey and Meghan - 03
_MG_7942 - Version 2
_MG_5361 (1)

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