TMS – The stuff Apple forgot to include in Time Machine GUI….

Just came across tms , what a great tool. It a command line tool for OSX 10.5+ that allows basic CVS style operations on your Time Machine volumes and It does its thing in read-only mode, so nothing gets changed/deleted…..woohooo. Here is the stuff you can do with it:

  • help      – instructions on usage
  • version   – print the current version of this tool
  • disk      – print the current disk
  • disks     – print list of all Time Machine disks
  • volumes   – print list of all volumes
  • machine   – print the current machine
  • machines  – print the list of all machines backed up on the current disk
  • status    – print the current configuration
  • snapshots – print the list of snapshots for the current machine on the current disk
  • snaplog {} – print the log for the given (or latest) snapshot
  • log +     – print revision information for the given files
  • diff [-u] {} {} – print file diff with the given (or latest) snapshot, or between two snapshots
  • delta [-size] {

Go grab your copy NOW.

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