Seam Carving Gui….Resize images just like the new Photoshop CS4

So you’ve probably been hearing a lot lately about the new feature in Photoshop CS4 that allows you to resize an image in a way that the image will not get distorted. Dubbed Seam Carving (we covered it here, here and here), the new function is all the rage.Well, if that’s the only reason you’re going to upgrade to CS4, you might want to hang on and save a bit of $$$. You see, there is a opensource, free, standalone implementation of seam carving called Seam Carving GUI (which is itself a frontend GUI for CAIR…..Content Aware Image Resizer). It’s available for OSX, Windows and Linux so download it, read the manual and have fun saving $$$. Here is a example of what this little gem can do…..

Stretched/squeezed and black fish removed
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