Amsterdam in black and white….

These shots were taken during a trip to Amsterdam this past September. I was attending the IBC conference and had a chance to photograph this european jewel again. This time I decided that I wouldn’t do the touristy thing. I decided to minimize my shots of famous landmarks and instead take a tour of Amsterdams famous Hofje’s (Inner courtyards) and back streets.
The Black and White idea came to me after picking up Taschen’s Eugene Atget – Paris book. In it Atget photographs the everyday Paris (No Eiffel tower in this book :-)). I love this book so much, I’ve been reading it everyday and it’s literally taken me three months to go through the first half of the book. In fact the book has had such an effect on me that I decided to “try” to follow in its footsteps, changing only the subject city. Now I’m not claiming that any of these pics are even remotely comparable to Atget’s work, but I guess you can think of this set of photographs as my bad imitation of Eugene Atget.
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