Suse 10.1 to 10.3 upgrade Episode 2

Okay, don’t laugh, but I’m really starting to believe in the “third time is the charm” saying. Episode 2 was going fine until last night when I left work. I had installed 10.1, skipped installing any of the XEN packages, updated 10.1, installed 10.3 and was in the process of letting it run over night (2.6 GB worth of updates…..wasn’t gonna hang around waiting for this to finish). Well somebody upstairs (santa, superman, spidy or one of those guys) did not agree and literally 20 minutes before I got into work this morning the power went out to our entire building, leaving my poor — almost done — 10.3 install in the middle of nowhere. I rebooted and just about cried my eyes out when GRUB could not find the new kernel :-)……Anyways, Episode 3 (known as operation “INSTALL or BUST”) is in process as we speak. I’ve got a fresh/updated 10.1 waiting to be updated when I get back on monday and YES I turned the machine off :-)…..stay tuned!!!

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