DEC Alpha Engineers….We salute you…..

Hallelujah, Intel has finally milked us enough, that they are now ready to give us Quickpath. Woohoo. Fresh squeeze from IDF, the Inquirer reports that intel has started handing out details about it’s upcoming Nehalem family of processors and QPI (Quickpath Interconnect). This is of course a reaction to AMD’s announcement and implementation of HT (Hypertransport) v3. All this might sound brand new to you and you might be thinking wow, aren’t these guys cool…..Well, NO….QPI and HT are the Alpha EV7 architecture bus, rebranded.

You see there used to be a company called DEC (Digital Equipment Coorporation) who’s brilliant engineers designed this processor called Alpha 21364 (aka. EV7) and the associated bus structure wayyyy back in 1998/1999. Sometime after, a group of idiots (most likely accountants) decided that the company should merge with the Compaq computers , who themselves were sold to HP later. So to all you “original” DEC engineers…..we salute you. It’s just too bad that it took 10 years for your visions to become mainstream.

You can find out more info about these heroic nerds and their company on wikipedia.


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