A trip to Bodensee, Germany

So following Amsterdam, we went to Stuttgart, Germany for some project meetings. You might have noticed some posts at some ungodly hour of the morning….Well they were probably made during a refreshment session at the bar. Once our official work was done we took off to see Bodensee for the weekend (Aug. 25-26, 2007). We grabbed Hwy.81 and drove through Eigeltingen, Nenzingen, Stockach, Ludwigshafen, Sipplingen, Ueberlingen, Nuessdorf, Uhldingen, Meersburg, Kippenhausen and ended up staying in Lippertsreute for the night. The next day we drove through Ueberlingen, Nuessdorf, Uhlingen, Meersburg. Took the ferry in Meersburg and visited Insel Mainau and drove back to Stuttgart. All in all a fantastic trip, if a bit short. I definitely have to keep Bodensee on my “Gotta come back” list. Here are some of the trip Pictures and don’t forget to check out the rest of my photo gallery.


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